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Marrika's Hair Extensions' offers natural as well as beautiful Brazilian hair free of chemical treatment. Brazilian human hair is the most preferred and the first choice for women using hair extensions. The high quality of our 100 % Natural Brazilian Hair Extensions is the feature that makes this the Best-selling hair extensions. Our customers love and relay on our hair to provide them the best Brazilian hair weave extensions. Our Brazilian hair comes naturally soft and silky in straight, curly or wavy in textures. We supply this hair in natural dark shades and in thin Machine wefts. Our Brazilian human hair blends well with women of African origin and also of other races as it looks and feels as their own hair. Brazilian Hair Extensions are very versatile to style. Using good quality dyes that donot contain any harsh chemicals. It can be easily and safely dyed without affecting its quality. Our hair has cuticles left intact and aligned in the same directions so hair will not tangle. Our machine wefts are thin, firm and virtually shed-free.